Highlights of the Contour Pillow

Highlights of the Contour Pillow

A girl smiling and sleeping on the contour pillow with bedsheet in backsheet

Introducing the Fabrilore cervical pillow - an incredibly soft and luxurious option, designed to mimic the plushness of real down. These pillows suit all kinds of sleepers: side, back, and stomach.

Featuring an organic bamboo fiber-based outer cover that's not only removable and machine washable but also softer than traditional materials.

The pillows have an orthopedic design that supports your neck and shoulders, ensuring a natural sleeping position. They're even suitable for maternity, pregnant women, and those with spondylitis neck condition.

You can rest easy knowing that these memory foam pillows are allergen and toxin-free, offering neck support, pain relief, and restful sleep.

The memory foam core is designed with disc-shaped pores to reduce stuffiness and disperse body heat, keeping you cool throughout the night.

Crafted from 100% premium LRPu memory foam, they promise long-lasting comfort.

And for added comfort, the pillows are infused with premium cooling gel to keep you cool during your entire sleep cycle.

What is a Contour Pillow?

A Contour Pillow is a type of pillow designed to provide support for the head, neck, and shoulders. The back of the pillow has curves and dips to match the natural shape of the head and neck area. The contour helps to align the spine and relieve stress, making it particularly useful for people with neck pain, back pain, or other issues.

A contour pillow has an elevated design to support the neck and a dip to hold the head in, keeping the spine in good alignment. This design helps you sleep better and can help prevent discomfort from poor sleep patterns.

Contour pillows are made of memory foam, latex, or gel to maximize conformity to the shape of the user’s head and neck. It is often used by people with neck or back problems, as well as by those who seek a restful night's sleep.

Why Consider a Contour Pillow

Here's why you'll fall in love with our Fabrilore Memory Foam Pillow:

The pillow offers incredible comfort and support.

The contoured design provides pressure relief on your neck and spine, providing orthopedic benefits.

The Fabrilore fabric cover is not only soft but also breathable, antimicrobial, and antibacterial.

Cleaning is effortless as you can easily remove and machine wash the pillow's cover.

Contour Pillow for Neck Pain

A good night's sleep is crucial since we spend a third of our lives sleeping. To make the most of bedtime, certain factors are essential. Having a high-quality cervical pillow that offers relaxation and comfort plays a vital role in this.

Many people underestimate the significance of comfortable neck pillows for restful night's sleep. If you're searching for a soft bed pillow online, your search can stop here.

Discover the Fabrilore Contour Memory Foam Pillow, specially designed to support your body and maintain the natural curve of your spine. This pillow provides optimal support to your head and neck, ensuring the right sleeping posture. It's a medium-firm cervical pillow for neck that helps reduce pain and ensures total comfort.

Who should use a Contour Pillow?

Contour pillows can be useful for a variety of individuals, especially those who face specific sleep issues or want to improve their overall sleep quality. Here are some groups of people that contour pillows can especially help:

People with neck or back pain

Contour pillows provide excellent support for the neck and spine, helping to reduce pain and discomfort in these areas The unique design helps maintain a neutral sleeping position, reducing pressure on muscles and joints.

Side sleepers

Side sleepers often need neck support for their head and neck region to keep their spine in alignment. Contour pillows with high and low sides can adjust the curve of the neck, allowing you to sleep more comfortably.

Back sleepers

The Contour viscoelastic memory foam pillows are suitable for back sleepers as it helps maintain the natural shape of the neck, give a soft feel and reduce the risk of neck pain or discomfort.

Stomach Sleepers

Although stomach sleeping is generally not recommended due to potential negative effects on the neck and back, some contour pillows have a low, flat side to support stomach sleeping that is difficult for them to they will change their sleeping position

People with sleep apnea or bladder problems

A contour memory foam pillow can help improve breathing and reduce snoring by keeping the airways open and the head elevated properly. The contour pillow provides great support and pressure relief.

People recovering from injuries

People recovering from neck or shoulder injuries can find comfort with contour pillows while providing targeted support and reducing pressure on sensitive areas. The contour shape provides good air circulation too.

Pregnant women

A contour memory foam pillow can provide support and comfort for pregnant women, especially those with back or hip pain during pregnancy.

A girl holding the cervical pillow on white bedsheets

How to Use a Contour Pillow?

Using a contour pillow properly can greatly enhance its benefits and improve your sleep quality. Here are some steps to help you use a contour memory foam pillow effectively:

Position the Pillow

Place the contour pillow on your bed with the higher side of the curve under your neck and the lower side under your head. The contour should cradle your neck and provide support for the natural curve of your spine.

Align Your Bod

Make sure to place your head and neck at the center of the curve of the cervical pillow. Your head should rest comfortably within the curve, and your neck should be supported by the elevated portion.

Choose the Right Height

Many contour pillows have different height options to accommodate various sleeping preferences. If the pillow has a removable insert or an adjustable loft, experiment with different heights to find the one that suits you best.

Sleep Position

Contour pillows are recommended for people who have bad sleeping postures. Side sleepers should place their head and neck on the higher side of the pillow, while back sleepers should center their head and neck on the contour. Additionally, stomach sleepers may need to use the lower and flatter section of the pillow to avoid excessive neck pain.

Give it Time

If you're new to using a contour pillow, it might take some time to get accustomed to the new shape and support. Give yourself a few nights to adjust and allow your body to adapt to the improved sleeping posture.

Complement with Proper Mattress

For optimal results, use the contour memory foam pillow in combination with a supportive mattress that maintains your spinal alignment.

Regular Pillow Maintenance

Like any pillow, contour pillows also require regular maintenance. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and care to ensure its longevity and hygiene.

Replace When Needed

Over time, pillows lose their support and shape. If you notice the contour pillow has become flat or less supportive, consider replacing it to continue enjoying its benefits.

What factors should you consider when selecting a contour pillow?

Selecting the right contour pillow is essential to ensure maximum comfort and support during sleep. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a contour pillow:

Contour Shape

Look for a contour pillow with a shape that matches the natural curvature of your head and neck. The contour should provide proper support and alignment for your specific sleep position.


Contour pillows can be made from various materials, such as memory foam, latex, or other supportive materials. Consider your preferences for firmness and responsiveness when choosing the material.

Height and Loft

Contour pillows come in different heights or lofts to accommodate various sleeping preferences. Choose a height that aligns your head and neck with your spine for proper support.

Firmness Level

Contour pillows can range from soft to firm. Your personal preference and any specific neck or back issues should influence your choice of firmness.

Sleeping Position

Consider your primary sleep position - side, back, or stomach - when selecting a contour pillow. Different contour shapes suit different sleeping positions.

Allergies and Breathability

If you have allergies or prefer a cool sleep surface, look for a hypoallergenic contour pillow with good breathability to prevent overheating.

Pillow Cover

Check if the pillow comes with a removable and washable cover. A breathable and easy-to-clean cover can enhance comfort and hygiene.

Trial Period and Return Policy

Some manufacturers offer trial periods for their pillows. Having the option to try out the pillow and return it if unsatisfied can be beneficial.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

Research the brand's reputation and read customer reviews to gauge the overall satisfaction of users.


Contour pillows are available at various price points. Determine your budget and find a pillow that offers good value for money.

Personal Comfort

Ultimately, your comfort is the most critical factor. If possible, try out the contour pillow before purchasing it, or opt for a brand with a flexible return policy.

A girl deep sleeping on Contour pillow as spondylitis pillow for her neck relief

Customer Reviews

1. Dipendra Kumar on Feb 09, 2023

The memory foam cooling gel pillow of Fabrilore that I purchased has been a perfect solution to problems of excessive pillow height and pillow fluffiness. The itchiness and irritation I used to have at the nape of my neck due to heat retention from usual pillows have disappeared. It also provides adequate neck support and better sleep quality, and its washable cover makes it all the easier to clean it.

2. Aslam Allam on Jan 30, 2023

This pillow is very unique and very relaxing, especially for neck pain..you won't feel any neck pain even though it exists. Very comfortable to sleep on it. supports the neck and lower area. I can feel deep sleep after using it for everyday..the gel form is a very unique thing in this pillow which takes the shape of your neck.

3. Pooran Chand Sharma on Jan 29, 2023

I purchased this kind of pillow for the first time and should say it was a wonderful product to use. It was very soft and the size is perfect. The pillow also comes with a cover and is easy to wash and handle, the price and the quality balance quite smoothly. This is a must-buy product for people who sleep a lot. Totally this is a good product and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

4. Mukul Yadav on Jan 25, 2023

The pillow is of the right size and of very high quality. I was even pleasantly surprised to receive a call from the seller to check whether the product met my expectations! Using the past few weeks and it is aiding a comfortable sleep. In fact, I replaced all pillows in the house with this brand because everyone wanted the best! It cost a tidy sum, but all are happy. Definitely, we don't look to buy any new pillows for the next 5 years at least! May I suggest the seller include a complimentary pillowcase to make it a more value-for-money purchase? Thanks, Fabrilore, we loved your products. Easily it is the most comfortable pillow. Even my daughter from Canada felt like carrying one all the way! Keep it up.


In conclusion, the contour memory foam pillow offers a unique and innovative solution to enhance sleep quality and overall comfort. With its carefully designed shape, this pillow provides targeted support to the head, neck, and shoulder, promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing pressure points. For those experiencing neck or back pain, the contour pillow can be a game-changer, providing relief and ensuring a more restful sleep. Sleep sound and wake up feeling revitalized, thanks to the exceptional support and comfort provided by the contour pillow. Sweet dreams await!